low cost Toothed roll crusher price in Indonesia

Product introduction

Spike crusher application:

Toothed roll crusher is applicable to coal, metallurgy, mining, chemical industry, building materials, etc are more suitable for large-scale coal mine and coal preparation plant raw coal (coal gangue) broken.
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Product traits or characteristics

Spike crusher performance characteristics:
(1) have the double function screening and broken;
(2) two teeth roll round, such as the meshing, the constant speed operation;
(3) using double overload protection;
(4) the assembly of flexible, convenient maintenance;
(5) the reasonable structure and long service life.
(6) toothed roll crusher crushing capacity is big, with limited distance between motor and reducer type hydraulic coupler, prevent dynamic overload, sensors, overload protection, safe and reliable.
(7) gear roller spacing of hydraulic adjustment, toothed roller bearing lubrication.

Toothed roll crusher performance advantages:
1. The toothed roll crusher plate is made of high wear resistance strength of the alloy material, and greatly increase the service life of crusher.
2. On the basis of the original spike crusher, improved depth and pitch, greatly improving the discharging granularity of fragmentation.
3. On the original spike crusher bin added a material baffle, solved the material not uniform distribution on the tooth roll.
4. The main shaft adopts advanced quenching technology, improve the strength, stiffness of main shaft and wear-resisting degree.
5. Spike crusher consists of two mutually synchronous rotation of squeezing roller, a fixed roller, a roller for activities.
Material from the above two roll into the 6, squeezed between roll straight into the roll, after high-pressure role by 50-200 mpa, to the ideal size unleashed from the machine.
Grabbed 7. Material from the roll surface, gradually increased by the roll force and maximum pressure of up to 200 mpa. The discharge of materials, in addition to containing a certain proportion of powder material, the rest of the granular material, produce a large number of cracks, in the process of further crushing, can significantly reduce the grinding energy consumption.

Basic parameters of products

Model 2PGC450×500 2PGC600×750 2PGC900×900
Roller diameter (mm) φ500 φ600 φ900
Roller Length (mm) 450mm 750mm 900mm
Capcity (t/h) 10-45 50-80 100-180
Spindle Speed(r/min) 64 50 37.5
Feed Size (mm) 100-200 <300 <800
Discharge size (mm) 0-50 0-100 0-150
Auxiliary motor Y160L-6-11KW Y200L2-8-22KW Y250M2-8-30KW
Overall Dimension(mm) 2200×2206×765 3265×2750×1320 3945×3405×1895
Weight(kg) 3900 6900 13200