Hammer crusher in Indonesia sale

Product introduction

Hammer crusher application:
this series of hammer crusher is referred to as “hammer broken machine, applicable to various brittle material crushing of minerals.
Being broken material for coal, salt, Bai Ya, plaster, alum, brick, tile, limestone, etc.Its material compressive strength less than 100 million mpa and humidity no more than 15%.
Product introduction:
the two-stage crusher with the bottom of the screen grate, moisture content is no strict requirement for the material, simply does not exist paste plugging sieve plate phenomenon;
And two stage hammer crusher is equivalent to two broken one.

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Product traits or characteristics

The advantages of hammer crusher are:
broken than large (generally for 10 to 25, the most up to 50), high production capacity, product of uniform, too less, low energy consumption per unit product, simple structure, equipment quality is light, easy in operation and mainten

The working principle of

Motor drives the rotor in the crushing cavity high-speed rotation.Since the upper material feeding mouth to into the machine, the high-speed movement of the hammer blow, impact, shear, grinding and crushing.At the bottom of the rotor and sieve plate, crush material is less than the screen hole size in graded through the sieve plate, is greater than the screen hole size of the coarse grained resistance continued to hit by the hammer on the sieve plate and grinding, and finally through the sieve plate outside.

Basic parameters of products

model Hammer head number (a) Feed particle size (mm) Discharging granularity (mm) Output (t/h) Power (kw) Weight (t)
PC400×300 16 <100 <15 5-10 4P-11 0.8
PC350×500 20 <100 <15 8-15 4P-18.5 1.2
PC600×400 20 <220 <15 10-25 4P-22 1.5
PC800×600 24 <350 <15 20-50 4P-55 3.8
PC800×1000 28 <400 <15 20-75 4P-75 5.5